CIA annual Threat Assessment Report reveals panic over failure to defeat Hamas


ON MONDAY, the US intelligence agency, the CIA, published its annual Threat Assessment Report for 2024 which warned that America faces an ‘increasingly fragile world order’.

This document, compiled by analysts from all the major US spy agencies, documented the worldwide threats to US supremacy in the world.

The report says that the US ‘faces an increasingly fragile global order, strained by great power competition, transnational challenges and regional conflicts.’

While concentrating on the perceived threats from Russia and China, the CIA is increasingly panicking about the genocidal war being waged by Israel in Gaza and the threat it poses to both the US client state of Israel and to US imperialism.

The report says: ‘An ambitious but anxious China, a confrontational Russia, some regional powers, such as Iran, and more capable non-state actors are challenging longstanding rules of the international system as well as US primacy within it.’

These ‘longstanding rules’ are simply those that US imperialism imposes on its enemies and allies, using its military might to invade countries like Iraq killing millions of people and laying waste to entire countries in order to assert the ‘right’ of the US to dominate the world and its resources. But today this ‘supremacy’ has been shattered – as the CIA is forced to conclude.

In the Ukraine, the imperialist war drive to weaken Russia has floundered to the extent that the CIA is now admitting that without increased weapons and money from the US the situation for its puppet Zelensky regime is hopeless.

But it is the Israeli genocidal war in Gaza and its escalation throughout the occupied territories that poses the biggest threat to US imperialism. According to the CIA assessment, Israel has no chance of defeating the Palestinian resistance to its illegal occupation.

It predicted that ‘Israel probably will face lingering armed resistance from Hamas for years to come’ and that the risk of escalation of the Gaza war ‘remains high’.

The Gaza onslaught is ‘posing a challenge’ to America’s Arab partners because of the growing public anger against both Israel and the US caused by ‘the death and destruction in Gaza’.

At the same time, support for Palestine amongst workers and youth in the major imperialist countries threatens those governments complicit in genocide.

The report predicted that ‘Israel will face mounting international pressure because of the dire humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip.’

The report also highlighted the precarious position of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying his hold on power ‘may be in jeopardy’ and that ‘we expect large protests demanding his resignation and new elections’ as his boast of defeating Hamas and the Palestinian resistance crumbles.

The report also pours cold water on the fiction that Iran was the instigator of Operation Al-Aqsa Storm by Hamas on October 7th, saying: Iran ‘did not orchestrate nor had foreknowledge’ of the operation.

The operation carried out by Hamas against the occupying Zionist entity in retaliation for the intensified atrocities against Palestinians on a daily basis inflicted a major defeat on Israel and its imperialist backers.

Today, 159 days into the genocidal offensive in Gaza that has killed at least 31,112 Palestinians, mostly women and children, the Israeli regime has failed to crush the Palestinian resistance despite all the support from the US. On the contrary, it is Israel and US imperialism that is being exposed as having ‘feet of clay’ as its supposed world dominance is shattered across the globe from Ukraine to Palestine.

With the working class in the US, UK and Europe overwhelmingly demonstrating their support for the Palestinian struggle and against imperialist barbarism, now is the time to put that support into action by demanding general strikes to bring down the major imperialist regimes and bring in workers’ governments and socialism.

Now is the time to build the world party of the socialist revolution, the International Committee of the Fourth International, to put an end to a capitalist system that in its final imperialist stage can only survive through wars and atrocities against workers and masses of the world, by going forward to the victory of the world socialist revolution.