China is not the enemy – the enemy is at home – forward to the UK socialist revolution!


THE CHINESE People’s REPUBLIC is now the number one enemy for US imperialism and its UK ‘running dog’. The war is on all fronts, and ends the period when China was the ‘workshop of the world’ for the imperialist powers.

It has not endeared China to the US and UK ruling classes that it is the only country that has shown the world how to eradicate the Covid-19 plague. It did so with a complete shutdown of its state-run economy with workers suffering no fall in their wages or any lack of foodstuffs and health care.

China is now ‘booming’ and is the world’s number one economic power. It has rocketed forward – even as a deformed workers’ state – to build the most advanced industries and to even be the first country to land a Rover on Mars. It is truly an example of how a workers’ state, even with bureaucratic deformations, is able to leave the capitalist world in its wake. It is now the capitalist world’s number one enemy.

The US has leaned hard on the weak and feeble UK ruling class to break with China – an order that PM Johnson has complied with. This is an expensive break for the UK ruling class. Under the Cameron-Osborne leadership of the Tory party the UK ruling class had what the Chinese call a ‘lip and teeth’ relationship with China.

They were very close. So close in fact, that Labour’s John McDonnell was able to throw a copy of Mao’s Little Red Book across the House of Commons at the Tory leadership duo, with the recommendation that as they were so close to China, the book would come in very handy for their work with their ‘Chinese Comrades’.

Now that period has been brought to a jarring halt. Much to the anger of the US and UK ruling class the Chinese economy is booming and is closing in on the US economy. China is now seen as the main threat.

Britain has now sent its major aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth and support ships to the China Sea to counter Chinese power, and has offered to take over one million Hong Kong Chinese, who are anti-Communist, into the UK to settle here.

Whitehall officials have now confirmed that the Johnson government is blocking China’s involvement in future UK nuclear power projects. The move will affect the development of the Sizewell C project in Suffolk, in which state-backed China General Nuclear was set to play a key role.

The decision to completely break with China will also affect the future development of the Bradwell B project in Essex, where China is still the lead developer. The agreement struck by the then prime minister David Cameron and Chinese president Xi Jinping in 2015 is to be ripped up!

A spokesperson for China’s foreign ministry, Zhao Lijian, said yesterday that the UK should ‘earnestly provide an open, fair and non discriminatory business environment for Chinese companies.’

China and the UK had important trade and investment ties, he said adding: ‘It is in the interests of both sides to conduct practical cooperation in the spirit of mutual benefit and a win-win result.’

In fact, China’s rapid economic advance has given the imperialist powers the distinct feeling that, unless they confront and drive back China, US and UK capitalism is on the slippery slope to oblivion.

Britain is now alongside the US Biden regime in attacking China politically and economically, and is preparing for a military confrontation.

China’s Vice Foreign Minister Xie Feng said yesterday that relations between the US and China have reached a ‘stalemate’ because the US sees China as an ‘imagined enemy’. Xie also said that the US wants to ‘blame China for its own structural problems , adding: ‘It is as if when China’s development is contained … America would become great again.’

Biden’s plan to ‘make the USA great again’ is a plan to level China and destroy its nationalised and planned economy. It is also part of the plan by the US and UK ruling classes to take on and smash their own working classes, in a desperate attempt to restore US and UK world domination.

The US and UK workers are not mugs. They know that if US and UK imperialism are able to drive back China, then they will be next. US and UK workers also know that the enemy is at home and it is the capitalist ruling class. They must defend China and Russia and must halt any attack on China with socialist revolutions at home!

This is the only way forward for the working class of the world!