As The Economic And Political Crisis Of Capitalism Deepens The US And UK Target Russia And China!


WORKERS throughout the world have experienced, through massive job losses and huge wage cuts, just how the world crisis of the capitalist system is deepening on a daily basis.

The New Year’s Day Manifesto of the News Line correctly explained that: ‘This world capitalist crisis is now driving forward the world socialist revolution in the most explosive way in every corner of the world.

‘2020 was the year that saw all the contradictions in world capitalism, driven at breakneck speed by the Covid-19 pandemic, reach the point of exploding … All attempts by the capitalist class to unload the crisis onto the backs of the working class have been met with resistance. The crisis has revolutionised the masses of workers, the middle class and poor of the world.’

The ruling classes are now being driven forward in a state of panic. This has been expressed by the bourgeois press in the UK vividly. In a recent article in The Daily Telegraph Allister Heath wrote about the US crisis and the importance of the Biden presidency stating that if the US falls ‘we fall’.

Under a headline: ‘Britain needs Biden to succeed, but US decline might now be unstoppable.’ He continued: ‘Our fate is inseparable from America’s. If individual liberty, constitutional democracy, free markets and equality before the law fail, so does the whole West.’

In fact, the UK working class is well on the way to considering that nothing will go well until the Johnson government is brought down and replaced by a workers’ socialist government.

It has not escaped the attention of the masses that the UK is fast approaching 100,000 Covid-19 deaths, with its ruling class obsessed by taking no decisive actions against the virus, lest it cut the rate of profit.

Chancellor Sunak is more than aware that this year a big chunk of his £345bn debt will have to be taken back by savage cuts on the working class which despite the cowardly trade unions leadership will be massively resisted.

This is why the US and UK ruling class have turned their fire on China and Russia.

The deformed workers’ state of China has tackled the virus and crushed it everywhere it has shown its face, proving that the Chinese deformed workers’ state is far superior to capitalism, while Russia has foiled western attempts to recolonise Syria.

Johnson and Biden will step up Trump’s attacks on China, and also continue with their Navalny provocations in Russia. They are being driven to civil war in their own countries and counter-revolutionary attacks on Russia and China to try to restore capitalism.

In fact, it is the capitalist system that is in its death agony. The Russian revolution of 1917 and the Chinese revolution of 1949 showed that the establishment of a world socialist republic is the only way forward for the masses of workers and youth throughout the world.

The US, the UK and the EU now have Russia and China in their sights, and are desperately seeking to intervene internally so as to make an attempt at regime change in Russia and China.

Their weakness is that they are doing this at the same time as they are involved in the battle to smash the working class and its trade unions at home in the US and the UK.

Navalny is a provocateur who has been thrust into the fight to test out the water for an attempt at capitalist restoration in Russia.

Nobody believes that the KGB poisoned him and then released him to Germany where the poisoning could be discovered!

The Russian workers will resist all such provocations.

The current situation requires the building of the Fourth International all over the planet, to lead the socialist revolutions that are required in the UK, US and EU, and the political revolutions that are required to bring back rule through workers’ Soviets in Russia and China.

This is the great struggle that is now underway.

We urge all workers and youth in the UK, US and EU to build or join sections of the ICFI to organise getting rid of world capitalism and completing the work begun by Lenin and the Bolsheviks in 1917.