13,000 children killed in Gaza, while former Israeli general warns the Zionist regime has lost the war!


ISRAEL has killed over 13,000 children in Gaza since the start of its genocidal war according to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

UNICEF Executive Director Catherine Russell told the CBS News network on Sunday: ‘Thousands more have been injured or we can’t even determine where they are. They may be stuck under rubble… We haven’t seen that rate of death among children in almost any conflict in the world.’

According to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) one in three children under the age of two in northern Gaza is now acutely malnourished, with the Agency warning that famine is looming in the besieged Strip following over five months of relentless Israeli bombing and ground invasion.

Yesterday, the international anti-poverty charity Oxfam released a report denouncing Israel for intentionally preventing the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip in complete violation of international humanitarian law.

The report states that Israel continues to ‘systematically and deliberately block and undermine any meaningful international humanitarian response’ in the Palestinian territory.

It further stated that Israel is openly flouting the emergency ruling by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on January 26 instructing the Israeli regime to ensure the delivery of basic services and essential humanitarian aid to civilians in Gaza.

Oxfam Middle East and North Africa Director Sally Abi Khali said: ‘The ICJ order should have shocked Israeli leaders to change course, but since then, conditions in Gaza have actually worsened.’

It most certainly didn’t ‘shock’ the Zionist regime, which remains supremely confident of the support of United States imperialism and its allies in the UK and Europe.

Despite all the hand-wringing and crocodile tears shed by US president Joe Biden over the genocidal slaughter of over 31,000 Palestinians, including 22,000 women and children, the US and western governments have increased ‘military aid’ to Israel.

The US annually arms the Israeli military to the tune of $3.8 billion and this was boosted by a further $14 billion approved by the Senate in February.

Officially, the US supplies 69% of Israeli arms imports, the weapons used to kill and maim Palestinians, but unofficially, the Washington Post reported massive amounts of weapons and ammunition are being shipped out without any public oversight.

Despite all this massive amount of money and weapons the realisation is rapidly dawning that, far from crushing Palestinian resistance to brutal occupation through a genocidal war to eradicate them from their land, the Israelis are losing the war!

This realisation has even penetrated to a former Israeli military commander, Yitzhak Brick, who was responsible for examining the preparedness of Israel’s army for war.

Writing in the Maarive newspaper on Sunday, Brick said bluntly that Israel had lost its war in Gaza, warning that: ‘What is happening in the Gaza Strip and against Hezbollah in Lebanon will blow up in our faces sooner or later.’ He added: ‘We have already lost the war with Hamas, and we are also losing our allies in the world at a dizzying rate.’

The only allies the Zionist gangster regime has are the leaders of the imperialist nations, led by the US, while standing against them is the powerful working class and youth of the US, UK and Europe who are rising up in support of the Palestinian struggle for freedom and the independent state of Palestine.

This mass movement will not be silenced or intimidated with laws illegalising pro-Palestinian marches, or hysterical attacks from the right-wing press and politicians about ‘mob rule’ and ‘hate marches’.

With the Zionist regime and its imperialist backers facing defeat, the time has come for the working class in the US, UK and Europe to put the final nail in the coffin of imperialism by organising general strikes to bring down the major imperialist governments and bring in workers’ governments and socialism.

There has never been a better time for the building of sections of the International Committee of the Fourth International worldwide to drive forward and lead the struggle for the victory of the World Socialist Revolution.