XMAS DAY SACKINGS! – RMT pledges taking action


RMT general secretary Mick Cash yesterday condemned as ‘disgraceful’ the Christmas Day sackings of 2,727 City Link workers.

The announcement said that parcel delivery firm City Link had gone into administration.

The Coventry-based firm made the move after ‘substantial losses’ and warned of ‘substantial redundancies’ in the coming days.

The RMT demanded urgent talks with administrators Ernst and Young and Business Secretary Vince Cable as it warned that delays to swift action, due to the cynical timing of the announcement, could damage chances of rescuing the thousands of jobs under threat.

The RMT said it is also demanding an investigation into the timing of the administration announcement on Christmas Day ‘after the union had already been told City Link was in administration on Christmas Eve, a fact that neither the company nor the administrators were prepared to confirm publicly’.

A union statement said: ‘As part of that investigation, RMT also wants a probe into what it believes may have been a restructuring just prior to the collapse into administration which may have moved the valuable property assets out into a separate company.’

RMT General Secretary Cash said: ‘The delayed timing of the announcement that City Link was in administration to tea time on Christmas Day stinks to high heaven.

‘Not only was it the most brutal and callous way to treat nearly 3,000 staff but RMT believes there may have been more cynical motives behind it which we want the government to investigate.

‘The disgraceful timing of the City Link announcement at the start of the festive season must not be allowed to delay and hamper efforts to rescue the jobs.

‘That is why RMT is demanding urgent meetings with both the administrators and Vince Cable. We will tolerate no dragging of heels.’

Cash earlier told the BBC: ‘RMT will do everything within its power to mobilise a political and industrial fight to save the thousands of jobs that have been put at risk as a result of this shock announcement.’

As well as direct employees, a large number of workers employed by sub-contrators also face losing their jobs.

• Cleaners employed by Interserve at Waterloo Station are to strike again ‘over a comprehensive breakdown in industrial relations’ relating to issues including: the unwarranted victimisation and dismissal of RMT members; ignorance of basic employment rights and failure to follow agreed procedures; underpayment of wages; bullying and harassment of staff.

Two hour strikes have been called for 5-7am, 8-10am and 5-9pm on Tuesday 6 January, and the same times on Monday 12th January 2015.