Workers Revolutionary League statement – Soviet section of the International Committee of the Fourth International

Workers in Moscow march on May Day

STATEMENT of the Workers Revolutionary League – the Soviet section of the International Committee of the Fourth International:

During this time we’re facing the new attempts of pro-imperialist forces to restore capitalism in Russia.

This time these attempts are connected with the arrest of Alexey Navalnyy – the leader of right-wing pro-imperialist forces in Russia.

We see this pro-imperialist coup in the same way as the imperialist attacks in Byelorussia, Hong Kong, Ukraine and a lot of other places in the world.

Moreover, the new US administration led by Biden openly declares that its policy will be even more interventionist and aggressive than under the previous administration.

We see the present pro-imperialist coup attempt in Russia, in particular, as a reflection of this policy.

It is the working class that will smash the right-wing pro-imperialist gangs which want to restore capitalism in Russia and transform Russia into an imperialist puppet.

At the same time, the ruling Stalinist bureaucracy, led by president Vladimir Putin, is much more afraid of the working class than he is of Alexey Navalnyy and the forces behind him.

The ruling bureaucracy never called for a working class mobilisation against the pro-imperialist gangs.

Instead, president Putin and his administration is continuing to manoeuvre, trying to find agreements with the imperialists.

While the immediate task of the working class is smashing the imperialist puppets, only a political revolution against the ruling Stalinist bureaucracy, as a part of the world socialist proletarian revolution is the solution for the working class.

Achieving this goal demands a revolutionary programme and a revolutionary leadership, which will be provided by the world party of the proletarian revolution – the International Committee of the Fourth International!