‘We are fighting for our rights!’

Enthusiastic striking BA cabin crew aboard their battle bus at Heathrow yesterday
Enthusiastic striking BA cabin crew aboard their battle bus at Heathrow yesterday

PICKET lines at Heathrow Airport were all manned successfully yesterday and there was a carnival atmosphere at the Bedfont Football Club, as a battle bus toured the airport.

Samuel, at the Hatton Cross picket line, said: ‘We had no choice to strike, we have been forced into it.’

His fellow picketer John said: ‘We are in the right. We are a strong union and if we are not allowed to take lawful industrial action without being penalised, i.e. by taking away our travel rights, then Willie Walsh will see it as a green light to do it to any other staff in British Airways.’

Claire also at Hatton Cross picket line said: ‘We will win the dispute.

‘The customer is being affected but that is because of Willie Walsh’s intransigence, using the staff travel as a fear tactic to prevent people going on strike or to encourage them back to work.’

Her colleague Paul said: ‘It is being used as a bargaining tool to cloud the real issue.

‘We want everything that we demanded in the first place.

‘We’ve offered them the savings, but they turned them down.

‘It must not be a race to be the most mediocre airline.

‘There is room for premium airlines.

‘The way Willie Walsh is ruining British Airways is becoming an embarrassment.

‘British Airways would be better off renationalised.’

At the Bedfont Football Club, Geoffrey said: ‘The victimisation of the sacked cabin crew is disgraceful.

‘The matter now is with ACAS, but there is no guarantee they will get their jobs back.

‘Willie Walsh has imposed conditions on us. Where does the imposition stop? It is fear factor, the way people are dismissed is disgraceful.

‘Cabin crew have been treated unfairly. Just for voicing an opinion on social networking, they are being victimised.

‘The flight decks, i.e. the pilots, can voice an opinion on the social network, but nothing happens to them.’

Susannah said: ‘The reason why we are here is because we’re being victimised.

‘Willie Walsh wants us out now.

‘Willie Walsh and co. imposed changes on us without discussion.

‘The fact that the conditions were imposed on us is what I disagree with.’

William, at the fire station picket line at Heathrow, said: ‘There’s hardly any British Airways flights flying today.’

Angela said: ‘We are going to win because we are the best crew. Our passengers tell us we are the best.

‘The senior managers of British Airways that are ruining the company are all on big bonuses to get these cuts through.’