Uber Strike! Mass Rally Outside Hq

One hundred and fifty Uber drivers and supporters at their strike rally yesterday
One hundred and fifty Uber drivers and supporters at their strike rally yesterday

‘SHAME on Uber!’ chanted over 150 striking drivers and supporters outside Uber HQ at Aldgate Tower east London yesterday.

‘Uber Uber you can’t hide! We can see your dirty side!’ they shouted carrying placards which said: ‘Uber fair pay now! Uber end unfair dismissals! Uber driving us into poverty!’ and ‘Uber strike strike!’

The action was organised by the United Private Hire Drivers (UPHD), a branch of the Independent Workers of Great Britain (IWGB), and there were strikes and similar action in both Birmingham and Nottingham.

IWGB President Henry Chango Lopez told News Line at the strike rally: ‘There are a lot of Uber drivers here. A lot of drivers as well have switched off their apps until tomorrow in support of the strike. ‘Everybody is fed up with the way Uber is treating them. ‘It is not just the car drivers, it is Uber Eats as well.

‘They are angry at the cuts Uber Eats is trying to introduce. Drivers are fed up, with a third of them being deactivated, and with bullying. ‘They also want an increase in the fare to £2 per mile and a decrease in commission to 15%. ‘We want all the unions to be behind us because this is about workers’ rights.’

Shane Foley, told News Line: ‘I have come here from Cardiff today to support the Uber drivers in solidarity. I work for Uber Eats and am a professional courier. I am sick of the exploitation. They are grinding us down.’ Deliveroo driver Adam said: ‘I am here to support the Uber drivers – everybody should take action.’

Uber driver Tanvir Ahmed, said: ‘They don’t give us our freedoms – they say we have to listen to them. ‘When we are self employed, we should have the right to take what jobs we want, but Uber doesn’t let us do that. ‘If we don’t do enough jobs, our device gets deactivated.’