GATE Gourmet locked-out workers are campaigning all week for their march through Hounslow this Saturday.

Yesterday morning a delegation of locked-out workers visited Greenford Royal Mail sorting office.

They met CWU rep Michelle Laidlaw, who took posters and leaflets saying: ‘We will definitely be there. This struggle is important for all unions.’

They heard from Haringey Councillor Brian Millar, councillor for Bounds Green, who explained why he was supporting the Gate Gourmet struggle.

‘It is my great pleasure to stand in solidarity with their struggle and help them win their jobs back,’ he said.

‘I will be delighted to speak at the rally.’

On the campaign, locked-out worker Mohinder Virk said: ‘I went to Dusseldorf to see the German Gate Gourmet strikers who are coming over for our march.

‘I’m really looking forward to seeing them again.’

Paramjit Brar said: ‘We are really struggling now. No job and now no hardship payments from the union.

‘But we know we are going to win.

‘We are getting really good support for our march on Saturday and are looking forward to meeting with the German Gate Gourmet strikers.’

Satti Uppal said: ‘I went to Germany to see the Dusseldorf Gate Gourmet workers and we want to make sure that we have a great march and rally to greet them this weekend.’

He added: ‘I recently went to a meeting at Gate Gourmet and ended up having an argument with the manager there. He called me a liar.

‘He said I joined my friends on the picket line instead of going to work.

‘I was on annual leave when I was sacked.

‘I’m going to see the company in court at my employment tribunal.’