Stop Israel’s Crimes Against The Palestinians Says PM!

London marchers for an end to the occupation and for the victory of Palestine!

PALESTINIAN Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh said yesterday that the world should take a clear stand and do what is necessary to stop Israel’s crimes of apartheid against the Palestinian people.

Speaking at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting held in Ramallah, Shtayyeh said that the apartheid regime in Israel is not manifested only in practice, but Israel has enacted many laws that serve its racist regime, whether it is the nation-state law or otherwise.

‘The world did not need to hear the statement of the Israeli minister Ben Gvir in order to be convinced and ascertain the racist ideas that shape the thought and behaviour of those who today rule in the occupying state,’ he said.

‘The racist practices of Ben Gvir and all members of the Israeli government and its affiliated militias that espouse the doctrine of killing, burning, erasure and genocide are enough for the world to stop dealing with this government, condemn its practices, enforce international laws calling for sanctions, and protect the Palestinian people from those criminal practices.’

The Prime Minister then gave examples of the difference in the quantity of water made available to Palestinians vis-à-vis Israelis – which is 72 litres for a Palestinian compared to 430 litres for an Israeli – housing and denial of construction on Palestinian land, the segregation barrier, the siege on Gaza, policies in occupied East Jerusalem, and ban on family unification for Palestinians.

‘This is the epitome of criminality and racism. The world must take all necessary measures to stop Israel’s apartheid crimes against Palestinians. For our part, we put this in front of international platforms and institutions and confront it on the ground.

‘The world must prevent its companies from participating in any colonial practice on our land,’ said Shtayyeh.