Ready To Picket Bridgend!

Sacked Visteon workers on the picket line yesterday – they remain in good spirits and confident of victory
Sacked Visteon workers on the picket line yesterday – they remain in good spirits and confident of victory

‘WE WILL be picketing Ford Bridgend once we get the go-ahead from Tony Woodley,’ Visteon Enfield Unite Convenor Kevin Nolan told News Line yesterday.

Speaking on the Enfield picket line, he said: ‘We are still in good spirits. There is an all-branch appeal. The branch at Bridgend have donated £10,000.

‘Myself and Frank Jepson (Visteon Basildon Convenor) met with the Bridgend convenor, Steve Reece, and two of his senior stewards yesterday.

‘We had a two-hour meeting, it was very positive.’

On the picket line yesterday the administrator came to talk through the gate to Nolan and the pickets.

Nolan explained to News Line: ‘The Friday before they sacked us they took our eight press tools which they shouldn’t have done.

‘The administrator is investigating this because they shouldn’t have taken those assets out.

‘The administrators are preparing a report for the creditors in six weeks time.’

The deputy convenor, Piers Hood, said: ‘Our convenor Kevin has spoken to the Bridgend convenor Steve Reece and he said it’s all agreed to support us.

‘The convenors had a very positive discussion and all our people at Enfield are itching to go down there and do what we have to do.

‘We intend to take the fight to Ford – hit them in the pocket.

‘They don’t care about ourselves and our families and the way they are hurting us. The only language they understand is hitting them financially.

‘All the plants are together on this. We are looking to Tony Woodley to back us. At the moment he’s supposed to be talking to Ford.

‘There is supposed to be a meeting with Ford boss Fleming and all the union bosses and convenors, but we haven’t heard of a date yet.’

One of the pickets, Keith Stubbs, added: ‘Things are going well. We are as resolute as ever. We will stay here as long as it takes to get what is rightfully ours.

‘We want our general secretary Tony Woodley to achieve what we are looking for – the pay-off that we were promised by Ford.’

Steve Irvin said: ‘Everyone is pretty chipper. We are determined to win. We aim to get what we are owed out of the company.

‘We were promised Ford terms and conditions and we haven’t got them.’

Chris Martindill added: ‘We just want what we are due from the company.

‘Every company with a decent name would have paid out. Instead of 90 days we got six minutes notice.

‘I didn’t even get that, I was phoned at home.’

Steve Irvin continued: ‘We’d like our jobs back, but on the same terms we had before. I wouldn’t go back for less than that.

‘Meanwhile, nothing is going in or out of this factory.

‘Everyone that arrives, we check their cards.’