‘Our resolve is as strong as ever’

The CT Plus picket line in Hackney on their fourth Friday of strike action
The CT Plus picket line in Hackney on their fourth Friday of strike action

‘OUR resolve is as strong as ever,’ said TGWU union rep Derrick Campbell, as five new days of strike action by Hackney CT Plus bus workers were announced yesterday.

The CT Plus bus workers are in the fourth week of their action, out on strike fighting for a decent wage and against alleged bullying and intimidation tactics by the management.

Buses tooted their horns in support as strikers waved flags and blasted their megaphone on the lively picket yesterday morning.

Derrick Campbell said: ‘This is the last consecutive Friday of an initial four days of strike action and we have now announced a further five days of strike action throughout November.

‘One of the days will coincide with the firefighters strike on November 5 and we believe one day will coincide with the planned London Underground strike at the end of November.

‘The resolve is as strong as ever.

‘Bus drivers across London have to look at their own wage packets.

‘What we are going to see is a fall in the wage as companies cut wages by bringing in lower staffing rates to increase their profits.’

Another worker on the picket, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of victimisation, said: ‘In my role I am only contracted to work during term time.

‘All the school days I get paid for, but as it’s half-term I wouldn’t be working, but I’m still here as part of the strike and I wouldn’t be anywhere else.

‘I am not a bus driver but I am in full support of the strike.

‘It’s not right the way the management is treating them, it’s disgraceful.

‘Some of the drivers come into work here on a daily basis in fear of losing their job, because of the bullying tactics the management use against them.

‘They are calling workers individually into the office, one by one, to try and get them to sign to the pay deal. But none of us will sign.

‘We have set this picket up here since four this morning to catch the first buses going out.’

Another picket who remained anonymous for fear of victimisation added: ‘Everyone should stick together. There has to be a date when everyone comes out together.

‘Everyone with a grievance has to come out on strike.

‘You have a situation where inflation is 4.6 per cent and we are being offered one per cent. How is the common man supposed to live?’