OCCUPY ELLESMERE PORT says ATUA National Secretary


Workers at the Vauxhall Ellesmere Port plant in Cheshire are bracing themselves for today’s expected announcement by owners GM of 1,000 job cuts.

Trade union officials described last week’s talks in Germany as ‘unhelpful’.

Conflicting reports that Chancellor Gordon Brown and Trade Secretary Alistair Darling may visit the site today also heightened fears for the future of the plant.

The Treasury said it was ‘possible’ Brown may visit Ellesmere Port.

Darling said: ‘The government is being kept fully informed and once we know what General Motors’ position is, we can say something further.’

Ellesmere Port workers walked out last Thursday over remarks by GM Europe president Forster, indicating that Ellesmere Port jobs are marked down for the axe.

‘Occupy the plant,’ urged All Trade Union Alliance Natonal Secretary Dave Wiltshire yesterday.

‘Workers showed their determination to fight when they walked out last week.

‘I urge all Vauxhall workers to occupy the plant and call on their Peugeot brothers and sisters to occupy the Ryton plant in Coventry.

‘The issue today is to defend every single job and prevent these factories being closed and the equipment being stripped out.

‘Occupation must be a base for national strike action.

‘If the bosses can’t run the industry then workers must take it over and nationalise it under workers’ control.

‘This means a fight to bring down this Blair government and replace it with a workers’ government.’