Night Tube Strike Rock Solid! – RMT

RMT pickets at Northfields Tube Station in Ealing yesterday morning

STRIKE action was rock solid yesterday morning in the fight to stop Night Tube staffing plans ripping up drivers’ work/life balance.

Pickets were out in force on all the lines involved in the strike which began in the early hours of Friday morning in a fight to stop the ripping up of Night Tube agreements and working arrangements that would wreck the work/life balance of drivers.
Tube workers working on Night Tube lines were out on the Central, Jubilee, Northern, Piccadilly & Victoria lines.
Transport union RMT General Secretary Mick Lynch said yesterday: ‘The tube strike action this morning is rock solid in all depots, and the widespread impact on services is solely down to the management’s failure to recognise and address the anger of their staff at the imposition of damaging and unacceptable working practices.
‘This action was wholly avoidable if LU bosses hadn’t attempted to bulldoze through arrangements that abolished the Night Tube driver grade, lumping everyone into a central pool where they can be shunted about at will in a drive to cut costs.
‘Our members have spoken this morning and it’s time for London Underground to start listening.
‘This is just the start of a programme of action and the Mayor and his officials need to recognise our determination to defend progressive and family friendly working practices. We remain available for talks.’
The next strike on the Central and Victoria lines starts tonight at 8:30pm and continues until 4:29am on Sunday.
Further strikes will take place:

  • between 20:30 on 3/12/21 and 04:29 on 4/12/21
  • between 20:30 on 4/12/21 and 04:29 on 5/12/21
  • between 20:30 on 10/12/21 and 04:29 on 11/12/21
  • between 20:30 on 11/12/21 and 04:29 on 12/12/21
  • between 20:30 on 17/12/21 and 04:29 on 18/12/21.

All train operator and instructor operators working on night-tube lines (Central, Jubilee, Northern, Piccadilly & Victoria) are also instructed not to book on for any duty commencing from 04:30 on 18/12/21 to 04:29 19/12/21.