Haringey Binmen Fight Strikebreaking

Haringey bin men on their picket line on Thursday morning
Haringey bin men on their picket line on Thursday morning

STRIKING Haringey bin men are into the second week of their action against private contractors, Haringey Accord, which plans to cut two dust crews, resulting in an impossible workload, and dangerous breaches in health and safety for both workers and the public.

The strikers’ union, the Transport and General Workers Union has learned that Haringey Accord plans to recruit from the local JobCentres, and use Saturday (today) to ‘train them up’, then send them out on the carts on Monday to break the strike.

Yesterday the strikers organised a campaign and leafleted all the JobCentres in Haringey and got a huge response.

They warn that just one day’s training on such a dangerous job is totally inadequate and would be a huge breach of health and safety.

At Mayes Road, the PCS rep brought the pickets tea, took their leaflets and pledged to circulate them to all the staff.

The main picket line at the Ashley Road depot in Tottenham is still manned and is being visited by a stream of supporters. Heather, a T&G member from the Wood Green area brought a donation and biscuits to the picket.

She told News Line: ‘I think they work hard enough and should not have to work until they drop’.

There will be a mass picket at the Ashley Road depot from 7.00 this morning, when the scab labour will be brought in.