‘Fight Nato Aggression With All Strength’


LIBYAN government and civilian forces are dealing deadly blows to the NATO-backed counter-revolutionary ‘rebels’ and mercenaries holed up in Tripoli and other areas of the country.

Following a call from Colonel Muammar Gadaffi ‘to clear the city of Tripoli and eliminate the criminals, traitors and rats’ yesterday morning, government loyalists launched at least seven mortars into the Bab al-Aziziya compound, which was swarming with ‘rebels’ at the time.

In an interview on Al-Ouroba TV, the Libyan leader urged his supporters and residents of Tripoli to free the capital from the ‘devils and traitors’ who have overrun it.

He revealed that he had left Bab al-Aziziya in a ‘tactical move,’ on Tuesday after NATO had bombarded the compound with scores of airstrikes, rendering it useless, and had then taken a ‘discreet’ tour of the city.

He would fight ‘the aggression with all strength until either victory or death’, he affirmed.

Colonel Gadaffi made the the call: ‘All the tribes in Tripoli, out of Tripoli, youths, senior people, women, men and armed committees, must attack Tripoli and comb the areas and eradicate the traitors and rats.

‘The rebels will slaughter you and desecrate your bodies,’ he continued.

‘They are hiding between the families and inside the civilian houses. It’s your duty to enter these houses and take them out.’

Libyan Information Minister, Moussa Ibrahim confirmed that government forces have the power to fight in Tripoli for years.

‘We will turn Libya into a volcano of lava and fire under the feet of the invaders and their treacherous agents,’ Ibrahim warned, saying that thousands of loyalists are in the capital to fight at the right moment, and thousands more are streaming into Tripoli to help them.

He continued: ‘Despite the presence of NATO gangs in some areas of Tripoli, in reality our military, operational and civilian position is very strong.

‘We are capable of continuing to fight not just for days or weeks, but for months or years.

‘We were expecting a conspiracy on this scale and have prepared all the plans to turn Libya into a battlefield for resistance until victory.’

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez pledged that his country would only recognise a Libyan government led by Colonel Gadaffi.