Dozens of women and children brutally murdered by Israeli genocidal regime

Dozens of innocent children and women were brutally murdered as Israel continues its genocidal war

DOZENS of innocent civilians, including children and women, were brutally murdered and others injured yesterday as the occupying Israeli regime continued its genocidal war on the Gaza Strip, now in its 238th consecutive day, according to local and medical reports.

In Rafah, located in the farthest south of the Gaza Strip, an Israeli airstrike targeted a house in the Tel Al-Sultan neighbourhood, resulting in multiple casualties.

Meanwhile, in Gaza City to the north, an airstrike on the Al-Bayk family home near the University College in Tel Al-Hawa neighbourhood left several killed and injured. The victims were transported to the Al-Ahli Arab Hospital, also known as the Baptist Hospital, in Gaza City.

Additionally, three civilians were wounded when an Israeli strike hit an apartment in the Al-Tuffah neighbourhood in eastern Gaza City. They were also taken to Al-Ahli Arab Hospital for medical attention.

Simultaneously, local sources reported that over 1,000 homes have been destroyed in the Jabalia refugee camp area in northern Gaza during the recent Israeli ground onslaught.

Israeli occupation forces recently withdrew from the camp and other regions of the northern n Gaza Strip after a 20-day ground invasion, which was accompanied by intense air and artillery bombardment.

Also in northern Gaza, Al-Awda Hospital announced it has resumed receiving patients after a 13-day Israeli military siege that caused extensive damage to the hospital and its surroundings.

Early yesterday morning, eight members of the Al-Sous family were killed when their home was bombed by Israeli warplanes in Al-Bureij refugee camp in central Gaza. Their bodies were taken to Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in Deir al-Balah.

Additionally, three members of the Darwish family were killed when their vehicle was targeted in Nuseirat refugee camp, also in central Gaza. Their bodies were taken to Al-Awda Hospital.

Further south, Israeli fighter jets launched airstrikes on homes east of Rafah, coinciding with intense artillery shelling in the Musbah area north of the city.

The neighbourhoods of Tel Al-Hawa, Sheikh Ajlin, Zeitoun, and Sabra in Gaza City were also subjected to artillery shelling and gunfire from Israeli forces stationed south of the city.

The ongoing Israeli aggression on Gaza since October 7 of last year has so far resulted in at least 36,224 documented Palestinian fatalities, with thousands feared dead under the rubble, according to the local health authorities.