‘Don’t rob our gold’ – Maduro to UK


SPEAKING to the BBC on Tuesday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro specifically expressed hope that his country ‘is not robbed of the gold that legally belongs to the central bank of Venezuela’ and that international law ‘will be respected and prevail’.

Maduro suggested that ‘more or less 80 tonnes’ of Venezuela’s gold could currently be frozen in the Bank of England.
When asked what he would say to UK Prime Minister Theresa May, he said that he has not had ‘much of a relationship’ with her, but if he had the chance, he would tell her that ‘she should open her ears wide and see the aggression and not be partners in crime in what could be an invasion, a war in Latin America’.
He added: ‘The extremist group that is in the White House is willing to do anything, and in the name of Venezuela, I tell her, look at the reality,’ Maduro added, warning of ‘a severe risk to peace in Latin America and the Caribbean’.
He urged the UK and other European countries to ‘propose a respectful dialogue between Venezuelans’.
‘I am sending a message beyond Mrs. May to the people of the United Kingdom, the people of England, to all the people of the United Kingdom, to have solidarity with us and support peace, and to enforce John Lennon’s song, Give Peace a Chance. Give Peace a Chance and give truth a chance in Venezuela – that would be my call,’ Maduro pointed out.
In late January, Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido reportedly asked Prime Minister May and Bank of England Governor Mark Carney not to return gold bullion to President Nicolas Maduro’s government.