THE Communication Workers Union (CWU) is to take national strike action on June 29.

It will be followed by more strike action if management does not meet the demands of the CWU and its members.

Dave Ward, CWU Deputy General Secretary announcing the strike action in Royal Mail yesterday, said: ‘First of all, I want to now put the record straight about the way that Royal Mail have been deliberately misleading the public on what this dispute is about.

‘The Union has never asked for a 27 per cent pay rise and we are not opposed in any shape or form to modernisation.

‘What Royal Mail are doing is not modernisation. The truth is they are intent on cutting services, cutting jobs and cutting pay.

‘We have tried to reach an agreement but Royal Mail are refusing to negotiate. Therefore, we are announcing the first national postal strike in 11 years on Friday 29th June.

‘This will also include all workers in Royal Mail and Post Office Limited which includes people who work on counters and cash services.

‘We have also agreed further strike action within two weeks from the 29th June that is designed to maximise the impact on Royal Mail but at minimum cost to the CWU members.

‘In announcing this strike action, the Union remains committed to reaching an agreement and we have given Royal Mail a further week to conclude a deal before any strike action becomes necessary.

‘I urge Allan Leighton and Adam Crozier to stop sitting on the side lines, get their hands dirty and get involved in serious negotiations.’