Corbyn urges reject May and embrace EU


‘PARLIAMENT should do its job today and say No to the Prime Minister,’ Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said during yesterday’s debate and vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal. ‘We are deciding the future of this country,’ he added.

‘That is why we put forward what I believe to be a credible, principled series of alternatives.

‘We believe that there should be a permanent and comprehensive UK/EU Customs Union. There should be close alignment with the Single Market.

‘There should be dynamic alignment on rights and protections, clear commitments on participation on EU agencies and funding programmes.

‘And finally, unambiguous details on future security arrangements.

‘This is because we want a Brexit that protects jobs, the economy and our industries.’

Corbyn then confirmed that he himself voted Remain in the referendum.

Reiterating his call for a second referendum he said: ‘If this deal narrowly scrapes through tonight, I do not think it will, but if it does, we believe the option should be to go back to the people for a confirmatory vote on it. But we do not believe it should go through.’

The debate began with PM May insisting that if MPs do not vote for her deal, Brexit is under threat of not going ahead.

She told MPs that she had returned from Brussels with alternative proposals.

She said: ‘I know that for many members on this side of the House and also the DUP, the biggest concern was about the Northern Ireland backstop.

‘An insurance policy to ensure to guarantee no hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.