Corbyn tables motion of no confidence


PM MAY’S EU deal was rejected by the House of Commons yesterday evening by 432 to 202 votes.

The PM in a statement after the vote was announced invited Labour to move a motion of no confidence and said she would make time for a debate on the motion on Wednesday.

Corbyn said: ‘The result of tonight’s vote is the greatest defeat for the government since the 1920s in this House. This is a catastrophic defeat for this government. After two years of failed negotiations the House of Commons has delivered its verdict on her Brexit deal and this verdict is absolutely decisive.

‘I hear the words of the Prime Minister but actions of the government over the past two years speak equally clearly. She is only attempting to reach out now to try to keep her failed process and deal alive after it’s been so roundly rejected by Parliament on behalf of the people of this country.

‘Labour has laid out our priorities consistently. “No deal” must be taken off the table. A permanent customs union must be secured and people’s rights and protections must be guaranteed so that they do not fall behind. At every turn the prime minister has closed the door on dialogue.

‘Businesses begged her to negotiate a comprehensive customs union, trade union leaders pressed her for the same thing. They were ignored. In the last two years she’s only had one priority, the Conservative Party.

‘Her governing principle of delay and denial has reached the end of the line. She cannot seriously believe that after two years of failure she is capable of negotiating a good deal for the people of this country. The most important issue facing us is that the government has lost the confidence of this House and this country.

‘I therefore Mr Speaker inform you I have now tabled a Motion of No Confidence in this government and I’m pleased that motion will be debated tomorrow so that this House can give its verdict on the incompetence of this government and pass the motion of no confidence in this government.’