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A section of the 100-strong vigil outside the Syrian embassy on Friday evening in memory of the over 70 killed in the latest bombing in Damascus
Around 100 Syrians and supporters held a vigil outside the Syrian embassy in London last Friday evening, to condemn last Thursday’s terrorist bombings in Damascus.

Rima told News Line: ‘We’re here to show support for our president Bashar and for Syria.
‘Yesterday two bombs in Damascus killed over 70 people and more than 350 were injured. Al Qaeda did it.’

Laila said: ‘This is America’s present for the Syrians. Al Qaeda was made in the USA, everyone knows it.

‘Today, they foiled another car bomber. He had over 1,000 kilos strapped on his body and in the car, in Aleppo. But they caught him and stopped him.’

She added: ‘Syria will win when Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Britain, France and America stop supporting the terrorists. And Israel as well, don’t forget Israel.’

Issa Chaer said: ‘Today’s vigil is organised by the Syrian Social Club in the UK.

‘It’s been called to commemorate the martyrs that have been lost as result of the latest terrorist bombing.

‘We, as Syrians living in the UK, are preaching peace for Syria and are against any external intervention in the internal affairs of Syria.

‘As people here, we are grieving for all the people who have been lost in Syria and want to show our condolences to all the families who have lost their beloved ones.

‘We condemn this terrorist act perpetrated by those who have no respect for human life, but supported by countries that have an agenda to destabilise Syria and the whole region.

‘I blame imperialist policies and their Arab agents Qatar and Saudi, it is terror under the banner of freedom.’


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