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The News Line: News Lambeth College strike strengthens!
Lambeth College lecturers on yesterday’s picket line at the Clapham campus. They are out on strike again today, and are preparing for their indefinite strike
LAMBETH College UCU (University and College Union), resumed their strike action yesterday against the imposition of inferior work contracts, by Lambeth College management.

This week’s two-day strike, will be followed by a three-day strike next week, and an indefinite strike from 19th January.

Spirits were high as branch Secretary Mandy Brown told striking lecturers, ‘We are winning. Two out of three of the top managers are leaving.’

Doctor Liz Lawrence, President of UCU, came to address the rally and brought solidarity from the national leadership.

She commended the strikers for their stand in defending the quality of education, and resisting two-tier contracts.

She also said the union leadership had agreed an increase in strike pay to make it easier for people to manage whilst on strike.

She spoke about the coming general election and the danger of being driven back to conditions of the 1930s if the Tories get re-elected.

She pledged that the union will be campaigning for investment in education and proper pay for apprenticeships.

She also said that UCU was watching with interest what is happening in Greece, with the likelihood of the election of a government committed to fighting austerity.

Angus Pickthall, a UCU member at Clapham campus, told News Line, ‘We are back out after Christmas and we are more solid than ever.

‘A prominent and highly respected staff member was dismissed just before Christmas on a disciplinary issue.

‘The feeling amongst UCU members is one of outrage that such an influential local figure, who has made a big contribution to Lambeth college, should have been removed.

‘This must be taken up urgently and resolved.’


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