US-UK Refuse To Demand Israeli Ceasefire!


YESTERDAY’S UN Security Council emergency meeting on Gaza ended without the issuing of a resolution after the US and the UK refused to vote for a Libyan sponsored Arab League motion which called for an immediate halt to Israeli attacks on Gaza and for the ending of the Israeli blockade.

The Arab draft resolution was immediately condemned by the United States as ‘unbalanced’ and ‘one-sided’ because it made no mention of Hamas rockets.

Britain’s UN ambassador John Sawers provided its usual support for any position that is adopted by the US, proving again that the UK is the pet poodle of the US ruling class.

His parting words were that ‘We will study the text carefully but . . . any resolution will need to reflect the responsibilities of all parties.’ He added that the resolution was ‘one-sided’ since there is ‘no mention so far of the rocket attacks that have triggered the Israeli offensive.’

All that the Security Council has done thus far is to issue a non-binding resolution stating its serious concern at the escalating situation in Gaza and calling on Israel and the Palestinians to immediately halt all ‘violence’.

This is the typical UN, US, UK approach, which is to equate any resistance of the victim of terrorism to the enormous violence of the Israeli terrorist.  

The News Line is proud to support the resistance of the oppressed against the massive violence of the oppressor, which has already killed 400 Palestinian men, women and children and wounded 1,400 in its latest assault on Gaza.

The Hamas fighters will not cease their resistance, however minor it may be, in the face of the massive violence of the Israeli state.

In fact, Hamas did not fire a single rocket into Israel during the recent six months truce.

This is the truce that the Israelis did not renew, and replaced with a series of murderous air attacks.

The determined Hamas resistance and its refusal to bend the knee to the Zionists is now putting the Israelis into a similar position that they experienced in the Lebanon in 2006, when their 33 day war had to be abandoned in the face of the rising casualties that they were taking from the Lebanese resistance.

Israel’s bombing campaign has failed to undermine Hamas. It is also forcing the Zionists to make a choice between launching a ground attack in Gaza or else retreating and admitting failure.

A ground attack on Gaza will cost Israel hundreds of dead and wounded soldiers.

The rout out of the Lebanon in 2006 caused a huge crisis for the Zionist state, which led Israelis to question their assumption of military superiority. Hamas is correct to say that it will only cease its retaliatory fire if Israel halts its attacks and ends the siege of Gaza.

Israel’s inability to smash Hamas will strengthen the resistance all over Palestine, and undermine pro-Israel arab leaders everywhere. it will also create the conditions for advancing towards the establishment of the Palestinian state.

This will have Jerusalem as its capital, see all the settlements closed, with every Palestinian to have the right to return to the homes from which they were driven in 1948.

We are now very close to the Palestinian masses organising the Third Intifada to win their state.

Workers all over the world must support the Palestinian struggle.

The trade unions must give moral and financial support to the Palestinian resistance movements, while internationally they must impose a trade union boycott on all Israeli trade, including exports, and their ships and planes.

This boycott must last until the siege of Gaza is ended and the Palestinian state established.

A Palestinian state will constitute an enormous milestone for the struggle of the Arab masses to drive imperialism and Zionism out of the Middle East.