US Pledges To Rearm Israel For ‘Agree Or Else’ Direct Talks


OBAMA’S talks with Netanyahu were to prepare the way for direct talks between Netanyahu and the Abbas Palestinian leadership, on a ‘final solution to the ‘Palestinian problem’.

Out of the talks it has emerged that the US is to hand over $3bn to Israel to rearm and bring its vast stocks of bombs and missiles up to date, to re-emphasise to the Arabs that it is either make a deal that is agreeable to Israel or face another major war in the Middle East.

When Arafat said no to the then Israeli leader Baraq and President Clinton at the Camp David summit, he was signing his own death warrant. This time, it is to be capitulation to the requirements of the Zionists or war.

The Abbas leadership are being pushed into direct talks with Netanyahu and Baraq at the same time as Palestinians are being thrown out of their homes in East Jerusalem to make way for settlers and new settlements. At the same time Israel is deliberately raising tensions in the Lebanon.

The Israeli chief of staff Ashkenazi is currently visiting Italy, and has told the Voice of Israel that he is following Hezbollah’s alleged accelerated rearmament. He says: ‘They are setting up missile villages in southern Lebanon and are stockpiling quantities of weapons and thousands of missiles inside areas populated by civilians.’

His verdict is that ‘if war breaks out, Israel will have no choice but to bomb those areas as well.’ He said about the situation ‘On the one hand, Hezbollah is being restrained. But, on the other, it is doing what we recently reported; its activities are being carried out chiefly in the built-up areas in which UNIFIL and others cannot find the weapons. This is nothing new, but it is a growing trend. We are following the developments closely and I have no doubt that should we be required to take action, we will do so, possibly also in those same areas.’

Hezbollah is being restrained yet Israel is getting ready to bomb Lebanese civilians, men, women and children yet again. These threats are being made while the Israeli state is demanding direct peace talks with the Palestinians.

However, inside the occupied territories the occupiers are carrying on with their war with the Palestinian people. Last Monday the Israeli occupation army’s Civil Administration destroyed a Palestinian village that had earlier been cleared out when its water supply was cut off. The army demolished about 55 structures in the occupied West Bank village of Farasiya, including tents, tin shacks, plastic and straw huts, clay ovens, sheep pens and bathrooms. These structures served the 120 farmers, hired workers and their families who lived in the Jordan Valley village.

The Israeli Civil Administration said they had declared the area a live fire zone and posted eviction orders for 10 families in tents on June 27. ‘Since no appeal was filed in the following three weeks, and given the danger posed by the location of the tents, they were removed,’ it said.

The villagers made a living by sheep farming and working land owned by families in the town of Tubas. Some of them have been living in Farasiya for decades. They are now refugees in their own country.

It is well known that as part of a settlement Israel wants to be able to annexe the Jordan Valley to the Zionist entity.

The Palestinian masses reject any surrender direct talks and are getting ready to mount their Third Intifada. They have been encouraged by the international support for their cause that was shown by the Freedom Flotilla.

They are determined that they will defeat the occupation, end the settlements and win their state with Jerusalem as its capital, and with every Palestinian having the right to return.