Palestinian masses break the blockade and start tearing down the walls


THE Palestinian revolution has shown the way forward by blowing a massive hole in the Rafah border crossing into Egypt, so that hundreds of thousands of Palestinians could smash their way out of the Gaza ‘concentration camp’ to get much needed food and fuel.

They have achieved what all of the talks between Palestinian leaders and the Zionists and imperialists have failed to achieve, the beginnings of freedom, with a breach in the Israeli blockade of Palestine.

The UN has estimated that as many as half of Gaza’s 1.5 million population has crossed the border in defiance of the Israeli blockade.

The last three days has seen the dawn of freedom in Palestine, and this dawn will be reflected in a revolutionary movement of the masses in both Egypt and Jordan.

On Thursday morning, the Egyptian security forces gingerly sought to push the Palestinians back and close the border once again, but they were unable to do it.

Not only did the masses stand their ground, against electric prods and water cannon, but new holes were punched in the border wall with the use of bulldozers, while the Egyptian security forces gave up their onerous duty of seeking to repress the Palestinian masses.

The Palestinians will now struggle to permanently breach the blockade, and to end it and with it to end the spectre of starvation and hunger in Gaza by keeping the border with Egypt open permanently.

The imperialists and the Zionists are aghast at this eruption of the Palestinian revolution. It confirms Yasser Arafat’s prediction, made in relation to the construction of the ‘Separation Wall’ that ‘Sharon is repeating the experience of the Berlin Wall, and so his wall will fall sooner or later simply because people can not be wrapped inside cement walls.’

On Thursday evening, US Secretary of State Rice said she understood that Egypt’s position was ‘difficult’, but said: ‘It is an international border, it needs to be protected and I believe that the Egyptians understand the importance of doing that.’

Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak ordered a ‘state of alert’ for soldiers serving at the Erez crossing between Israel and the Gaza Strip on Friday.

Israeli Army Radio said that Barak had ordered Israeli soldiers to use ‘the strongest means’ to disperse any demonstrators to prevent any attempt by Hamas to incite people in Gaza to storm the border and to be ready to stop any attack against the Erez crossing.

In fact the Israeli regime is now fearful that Arafat’s prediction that the ‘Separation Wall’ will go the same way as the Berlin Wall, is about to come true.

They can see that if the Palestinian masses are able to keep the border with Egypt open, then it is only a matter of time before the so called ‘Separation Wall’ is blown apart by mass action.

This is outside the liberating effect that this upsurge of the Palestinian revolution is having on the masses of Egypt and Jordan.

The Palestinian leadership must now respond to this revolutionary upsurge.

The fake peace talks with Bush and Olmert must be halted and those leaders who are willing to act as agents of the US in Palestine must be removed from their positions.

The Palestinian national unity government must be reconstituted and it must demand the end of the blockade in Gaza, the destruction of the ‘Separation Wall’, the ending of the Zionist settlements in the West Bank, and the establishment of a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital and with Palestinian refugees worldwide having the right to return.

A section of the Fourth International must be established in Palestine to lead the struggle for a secular socialist Palestinian state over the whole of historic Palestine, as part of a Middle Eastern Federation of Socialist States.