‘Israel’s war of annihilation won’t break our will!’


THE President of the State of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas, has said that the Palestinian people will remain steadfast and adhere to their legitimate rights, and will not accept displacement from their land, whatever the cost, under the leadership of the Palestine Liberation Organisation.

On the 59th anniversary of the Palestinian revolution Abbas said: ‘Today our steadfast Palestinian people are subjected to a comprehensive war of extermination in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and Jerusalem, with the aim of liquidating our national cause and turning it into a humanitarian cause, in a repetition of the 1948 Nakba.

‘But we tell them, the more your aggression and terrorism increase, the stronger, more determined, and more determined our people will become in adhering to their land and their legitimate national rights.’

The President stressed that the Israeli war of annihilation will not ‘break our will, and we will remain steadfast on our land and continue the struggle until we achieve victory and independence,’ and that the West Bank, including Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, is one geographical unit that is indivisible.

‘Today we commemorate the anniversary of our glorious revolution that transformed the Palestinian refugee issue into an issue of national liberation and independence, stressing the need to immediately stop the Israeli aggression, which aims to annihilate the Palestinian people through massacres against defenceless civilians, which led to the martyrdom of more than 21,000, most of them children, women and the elderly, tens of thousands of wounded, and hundreds of thousands of displaced people, and the necessity of accelerating the entry of humanitarian aid to our people into the Gaza Strip. We will not allow displacement, whether from the Gaza Strip or the West Bank, which is witnessing a frenzied war by the occupation army and terrorist settlers,’ he added.

The President also said that the plan of the Israeli occupation authorities to eliminate the Palestinian national project, Jerusalem and its sanctities, and divide and steal the land will not pass, as the Gaza Strip is part of the occupied Palestinian territory, of which ‘we will not give up a single inch, and we will not abandon our responsibilities towards our beloved Gaza and our people whom we haven’t left alone, not even for one day, since the coup to the present day.

‘We told the whole world that military and security solutions will not bring security and peace to anyone, but rather will push the region and the world to the brink of explosion, and the only solution is to recognise the rights of the Palestinian people to freedom and independence, and move towards a political solution based on international legitimacy resolutions, by holding an international conference for peace, an end to the Israeli occupation of all lands of the State of Palestine, with East Jerusalem as its capital, and the return of refugees in accordance with Resolution 194,’ the President noted.

He went on: ‘We salute the steadfastness of our heroes held captive in the occupation prisons who face the tyranny and aggression of the jailer, and we remember the blood of our martyrs who died on the path of struggle towards freedom and emancipation from the most horrific occupation, and we say to the free people of the world, we value your positions in support of the Palestinian right, and today the issue of Palestine, which represents truth, justice, and freedom is an issue of every free and honourable person in this world that witnesses unacceptable double standards.’

President Abbas renewed his pledge to ‘the martyrs of the Palestinian revolution, the martyrs of all our people, and its national movement, specifically the founding martyrs of the Fatah movement, that we will remain loyal to their sacrifices, and that we will continue the struggle with unyielding determination and move forward on their path, and on the path of the prisoners, the wounded, and the fighters.’

‘Long live Jerusalem as the eternal capital of our Palestinian state, glory and eternity to our righteous martyrs, freedom to our heroic prisoners, and healing to our brave wounded. Long live Fatah. Long live the homeland, Palestine! Long live the revolution.

‘Long live Jerusalem! Long live the revolution!’ President Abbas concluded.