Free Bradley Manning – The Exposer Of Imperialist Secret Diplomacy!


A MILITARY judge is expected to rule shortly on a request to dismiss all charges against the US soldier Bradley Manning, accused of passing hundreds of thousands of secret US government documents to the WikiLeaks website, and exposing the plots and conspiracies of US and UK imperialism in a way that has not been seen since the Russian Revolution.

The Bolshevik government, just prior to the Brest-Litovsk peace talks, published the secret agreements and treaties of French, UK and Russian imperialism, ending for all time the fiction that World War One was a war for the freedom of small nations against satanic German oppressors.

Due to this exposure the working people of the world were rapidly able to see that the great slaughter was in fact a struggle between the imperialist powers for the redivision of the world.

The Bolshevik revelations cleared the way for revolutions throughout Europe in particular, and the ending of world war one, with the revolutionary overthrow of the German Kaiser.

Manning, with his brave exposure of US imperialism, has unmasked the imperialist butchers and their plots and conspiracies against Iran and all of the oppressed nations in such a way that it has helped clear the way for the revolutionary unity of the working people of the world, at a time when the greatest ever crisis of imperialism is driving forward revolution in every part of the world.

Lawyers for army private Manning have demanded all 22 counts be tossed out because they say the government has consistently ‘stashed away’ crucial information that could help their client mount his defence.

Legal analysts say a dismissal of all charges is unlikely but it remains an open question whether the judge, Colonel Denise Lind, would eventually throw out some of the 22 counts as requested by defence lawyers.

In fact, Manning has committed no crime and deserves a revolutionary recognition of his services to the working people and the oppressed people of the world by the organisation of an international campaign that he be freed at once.

The defence team won a skirmish against government lawyers on Tuesday, with the judge ordering prosecutors to provide her by May 18 with an array of reports by the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other agencies looking at the damage caused by the publishing of reams of classified data by WikiLeaks.

The defence lawyers hope the assessments might undermine prosecutors’ claims that the exposure of classified documents via WikiLeaks caused serious damage to national security.

In fact, the Twin Towers attack and the Iraqi and Afghan debacles have shown that under imperialism there is no security for the United States and that the oppressed people and nations will continue to hit back at arrogant imperialism.

The only way that the US and the UK can be secure is through socialist revolutions to overthrow bankrupt capitalism and clear the way for the building of socialism throughout the world.

The 24-year-old soldier, who faces a possible life sentence if convicted, has yet to enter a plea in the case. He is obviously not guilty of any crime and has in fact performed a great service for the working people of the world.

We urge the US and UK trade unions who have begun to undertake joint actions, to take up his case and to mount an international campaign to demand that he is freed at once, and that his place in the cells is taken by the discredited ruling classes of the Us and the UK who have already slaughtered millions for profit and intend to continue doing so.

Their beef with Manning is that he has thoroughly exposed their criminal activities. This is why there must be a worldwide campaign to free him.