Entente Cordiale Is Binned As The UK Backstabs France Which Vows To Form A European Army!


IT HAS emerged that the AUKUS security pact between Australia, the UK and the US, to supply Australia with nuclear submarines was agreed in secret at the recent June G7 summit in Cornwall, which President Biden, PM Johnson and President Macron all attended.

The French President was kept out of the secret discussions which took place and prepared the AUKUS deal that cancelled a £72.8bn contract between France and Australia to supply the latter with conventional-non nuclear attack submarines!

This took place at the same time as a ‘friendly and productive June summit’ meeting between US President Joe Biden and Macron prompted several media outlets to describe their relationship as a ‘bromance’. In fact, clandestine negotiations were taking place between PM Johnson, Biden, and Australian PM, Scott Morrison, in which the nuclear submarine accord was agreed, and where all AUKUS documents were classified as ‘top secret’.

Johnson and the new Foreign Minister Truss have now gone to the US for the UN General Assembly in New York.

Truss has claimed that the UK is putting itself ‘at the heart of a network of economic, diplomatic, and security partnerships’, and that the weekend marked the ‘start of an autumn wherein global Britain plants its flag on the world stage’.

In fact, the British ruling class is determined to remain the chief ‘running dog’ for the USA, and to prepare with it for war with China as the only way that both can survive.

On Friday, France branded the agreement ‘unacceptable behaviour between allies and partners’, as Macron recalled the country’s ambassadors from Washington and Canberra, and Macron officials questioned whether NATO had a future, and asked whether the time had not arrived for Germany and France to form a European army.

The issue of the hour is that after the shock of the US-UK defeat in Afghanistan, both the US and UK capitalist states are now preparing for war in the Pacific which may well be touched off by Beijing demanding the return of Taiwan to China.

First Trump and now the geriatric Biden have both made the UK ruling class an offer that it could just not refuse, that is to be with the USA till the bitter end of capitalism or face the music of the developing world crisis of capitalism on its own.

The decision that the capitalist states must step up war preparations has been taken after the collapse of the US drive to maintain its control over Afghanistan.

Even the US military were convinced that having spent $90bn on training the Afghan army it would stand fast for six months at least against the Taliban, allowing the USA a little more time to get ready for war with China.

The Afghan army however did not last six days, no mind six months, and the US suffered the greatest defeat in its history since Pearl Harbour.

Now the US has nowhere to go except to prepare for class war against the US working class at home, and for military action to challenge the Chinese working class and the great gains of the Chinese revolution, despite the Chinese Stalinist bureaucracy.

It was Lenin who correctly insisted that the awakening of the people of Asia would spell the end for capitalism and imperialism.

This is what has has brought forward the plans for the US, the UK and Australia to prepare for war with China.

With the awakening of Asia, the struggle has moved on from Europe being the centre of the world revolution. However, the French, German, British, Italian and other workers have a decisive role to play in the situation that is developing.

They must resist any attempt to bring forward a European army with general strike actions. In fact, the workers of the UK and the EU must join hands and form sections of the International Committee of the Fourth International to defend the gains of the Russian and Chinese revolutions by spreading the socialist revolution throughout Europe.

Forward to the victory of the European and the World Socialist Revolutions! Build the Fourth International in every country.