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The News Line: Editorial NO EU DIKTAT – RISE UP TO FORCE PARLIAMENT TO BREAK WITH EU ON MARCH 29! TORY PM Theresa May has scuttled back from Europe where she begged the EU for a little more time to attempt for the third time to push their Brexit deal through Parliament. She had wanted to be able to delay Brexit until June 30, but instead the EU humiliated her, took control of the process and offered their own terms – two shorter extensions.

She only had three minutes to state her case, and was then told to leave the room, while the leaders deliberated. However, the EU extensions come with a serious proviso: that Parliament must back her deal in the next week. If not, the extension will not be granted.

It is written in law that the UK leaves the EU on March 29th and the working class is determined to do so, with all polls showing the majority of people want to get on with Brexit, are sick of all the prevarications and want to leave on March 29 with no deal.

May said: ‘If Parliament does not agree with a deal next week, the EU Council would extend Article 50 till the twelfth of April. At this point, we would either leave with “no deal” or put forward an alternative plan. If this involved an extension, it would mean participation in the European Parliamentary elections.’ The ultimate humiliation!

The EU intends for the UK to be a laughing stock around Europe, being forced to put up candidates to the very institution it was instructed by the working class to break from. This must be the modern equivalent of being tarred and feathered and paraded around the town.

All this has proven to be the final straw for many Tory MPs who have now bombarded Chair of the 1922 Committee of Tory MPs, Graham Brady, with text messages calling for May’s head, prompting him to visit 10 Downing Street on Monday and relay to her the prospect of her abrupt departure.

The 1922 Committee has the power to tell even the most powerful Tory leaders when their time is up. Witness their humiliation of Thatcher. Meanwhile, in an even further lurch to the right Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has refused to rule out seeking to revoke Article 50 to ‘prevent a no-deal Brexit’.

Asked twice by reporters if he is for revoking Article 50 and simply remain in the EU, he refused to rule that out as an option. So Labour has gone from pledging to ‘respect the result of the referendum’ in the last general election, to pushing for remaining permanently in the Customs Union and the Single market at their Labour Party conference. They then announced it was Labour Party policy to keep the option of a Second Referendum on the table. And now, in not ruling out revoking Article 50, a swift transition into its opposite has been completed by Labour. From pledging to carry out Brexit they have now joined the MPs queuing to bury it!

Furthermore, in an unholy alliance, the Trade Union Congress and the business organisation, the CBI, have joined forces to call for a ‘Plan B’ to Brexit. The joint letter from the CBI and the TUC to the PM asserts that the ‘current deal or no-deal’ approach must not be the only choice.

The letter states: ‘A Plan B must be found – one that protects workers, the economy and an open Irish border, commands a parliamentary majority, and is negotiable with the EU.’ The trade union leaders are cosying up to the UK capitalists and the European bosses and bankers.

With the choice between representing their members, the vast majority of which voted Leave, and representing the bosses and bankers of the EU, the TUC leaders have opted to throw their weight firmly behind the latter! These union leaders must be unceremoniously kicked out!

The way forward has become clear to millions of workers. They are demanding ‘Break with the EU now!’ Workers must see to it that the UK must leave the EU on March 29th. Parliament is refusing to carry out the will of the people. The people must now express their will through a general strike to bring down the government, kicking out their rotten union leadership in the process, and establishing a workers government and socialism.

This will be a part of the developing revolution taking place right across Europe, which will see the bankrupt EU replaced by the United Socialist States of Europe.


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