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The News Line: News HONDA WORKERS DEMAND ACTION –to stop Swindon jobs massacre
A mass delegation of Swindon Honda workers and a delegation of Honda workers from Ghent in Belgium lobbying Parliament yesterday
SCORES of Honda workers lobbied parliament yesterday to demand action by MPs to stop the closure.

They presented their petition which read: ‘We are the workers from Honda Swindon. ‘Honda has said that in 2021 it will close the plant in which we work. 3,500 direct jobs and possibly 12,000 jobs or more across the country will be lost as a result.

‘The fall-out will be felt in jobs and communities across the south west and the UK, but we believe that this economic and social catastrophe can be averted. Our workforce at Honda are skilled, dedicated and efficient and together with the supply chain we are dedicated to making this company succeed.

‘Yes, these are challenging times for this industry but with vision and commitment, the UK can be the world leader in the new technology car manufacturing needs to thrive. Honda is well positioned to benefit.

‘So we are urging Honda to think again. Honda, do not turn your back on a world-class, loyal workforce determined to bring you continued success. We have dedicated our working lives to Honda Swindon. Through our hard work this company has thrived – all we ask now is the chance to make our case for the future we deserve. Please help us fight for – and win – a brighter future.’

Scott Ellis Unite spokesman told News Line ‘We’re lobbying to keep our jobs in Honda and Honda jobs in Swindon.’ They were also joined by fellow-workers from Honda’s plant in Ghent, Belgium, who brought solidarity support and their own banner.

‘We’re launching a massive campaign from today. ‘We’re asking everyone to sign our petition. But there’s been no change as yet.’


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