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The News Line: Editorial MACRON’S RIOT POLICE WAGE DEADLY CIVIL WAR AGAINST FRENCH WORKERS AND YOUTH! FRANCE’S Macron government and its massive riot police forces are giving the working class of Europe a real taste of the terrorist tactics that the EU bosses and bankers will use against all the workers of Europe as the EU starts to go under economically and politically, and they become more desperate to hang onto power to continue building their ‘new European Empire’.

Last Saturday, a yellow vest protester in Paris had his hand blown off by a hand grenade, after it was thrown at him by CRT riot police who have been instructed by the French state to end the yellow vests protests by any means necessary.

In fact the ‘yellow vests’ protests, have grown with every state attack that has been launched, with people losing limbs and eyes in the clashes. The movement has broadened into a revolt against President Macron, and a ruling class that is seen as seeking to unload the crisis of the European Union onto the backs of the ‘common people’.

According to an eyewitness, the person who lost his hand was a photographer attempting to take pictures of the riot police assault. ‘We put him to one side and called the street medicos. It wasn’t pretty. He was screaming with pain. He had no fingers – he didn’t have much above the wrist.’

Tens of thousands of protesters turned out in other parts of France, including the port cities of Marseille and Montpellier and also in Bordeaux and Toulouse in the southwest. The French Fifth Republic is now in open civil war with the French working class and youth in a class struggle that is being replicated all over the EU, as the EU bosses and bankers are hit by the growing economic and political crisis of the EU.

Meanwhile, the Greek workers whose country has been destroyed by the EU and have been warning the European working class that they would be next are urging working class unity across Europe to destroy the European Union.

One of France’s foremost public intellectuals Michel Onfray has posted a 4,000-word indictment exposing the collusion between ‘the brute’ Emmanuel Macron and the mainstream media to put down the Gilets Jaunes, all the while blaming them for the violence.

‘Emmanuel Macron has chosen not to maintain order, but to suppress public protest,’ writes Michel Onfray in his blog. ‘Intentionally, the president did not restrain the violence against protesters, and unleashed it on the part of the authorities. As the head of state, he carries responsibility for choosing repressive measures, so every single injury sustained is on him.’

Onfray writes that the protest did not begin as a ‘peasants’ revolt of disgruntled right-wingers’ refusing to pay an environmental fuel tax – as it is being portrayed by newspapers – but was simply a result of ordinary Frenchmen saying: ‘We cannot pay!’ ‘Macron unleashed violence against yellow vests, each casualty is on him’ and instead of listening Macron decided to escalate the conflict making accusations that the protesting crowd consists of homophobes, racists and anti-Semites, making insinuations that ‘not all French people know how to work hard,’ and that some of the low-paid workers ‘take it easy’.

Onfray sees the roots of the problem in the ‘liberal Maastricht state’ created in 1992 with the establishment of the European Union, ‘the promoting of which Macron has dedicated his entire short adult life’. ‘This is an order that is strong against the weak, as we can see on the streets, and weak against the strong, as is evident from the abolition of the wealth tax and the failure to root out tax havens,’ writes Onfray.

‘Macron is trying to explain that there is not enough liberalist Europe in our lives, while the Gilets Jaunes are saying back to him that there is too much – not too much Europe, but too much liberalism.’ Onfray continues that the Maastricht state is ‘cruel to those who carry the burdens of globalisation’ and ‘simply by declaring their poverty, these people have been ideologically criminalised’.

‘Macron unleashed violence against yellow vests, each casualty is on him …What is happening now is the emerging “mosaic of despotism” as the ruling classes try to hold on to the advantages they have accrued over the past decades.’ UK workers must ensure that the UK leaves the EU now, and unites with the workers of Europe to replace the EU with the Socialist United States of Europe!


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