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The News Line: News BA profits £1.47bn–cabin crew outraged
Striking BA mixed fleet cabin crew on the picket line at Heathrow Airport yesterday during their latest 4-day strike over pay
STRIKING British Airways mixed fleet cabin crew were outraged yesterday by the announcement of £1.47 billion profits for BA for the last financial year, while they are fighting poverty pay of just £12,000pa and have been offered a measly 6p an hour pay rise.

Unite steward Pedro said: ‘It goes to show they can afford a decent pay rise. They are trying to discipline their employees instead of giving them fair pay and conditions and we are determined to beat them.

‘Yesterday we had a media day, when we went to the BBC, ITV, Capital Radio and ACAS to raise our profile. We think there has been a media blackout. We are all quite firm and determined to get a pay rise and to have our bonuses and staff travel restored. There are 4,000 mixed fleet cabin crew and there are around 40,000 BA workers in total. Every one of them supports us. We know we have the full support of all of them.’

Unite steward Sam said: ‘We are hitting BA. BA’s standby figures are appalling. It means they are taking the crew complement down to the legal minimum to man the flights. There are a lot of people in other areas of BA who are unhappy about various issues, such as restructuring, which involves attacks on their terms and conditions. There are roughly 12,000 cabin crew and thousands of ground staff.

‘I’m pleased the Gatwick OCS workers are being balloted for strike action against poverty pay. These workers help disabled people onto aircraft and they are on just £7.66 an hour basic.

‘It is a legal requirement for airports to provide assistance for disabled travellers and they can’t pass the cost on to the traveller either. They should strike and we fully support them. BA’s profit announcement of £1.47bn just adds to our case.’


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