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Young Socialists
Youth Section of WRP

Young Socialists is the youth section of the Workers Revolutionary Party. It organises young people in the fight against capitalism to go forward to Socialism.

Young Socialist is also the weekly colour newspaper of the YS.

This week's editorial (17.12.13) of the YS is:

11bn Council Cuts! Kick this hated Government out! UK COUNCILS made cuts of a staggering £11 billion from their budgets in the first two years of the Tory coalition government and with more cuts on the way, vital services will be completely destroyed if this government continues in power.
This was shown by data published on local authorities spending by the Department for Communities and Local Government.These cuts have far reaching consequences and in some areas are completely devastating.
These huge figures are very harmful because they mean the loss of jobs and seeing important services like daycare, home care, libraries, children's services, youth centres and leisure facilities taking savage cuts or closed down completely.
In the south east of England, Kent County Council has seen a £186m cut in spending from central government, Hampshire has seen £80m cut, Medway £59m and Southampton £17m.
The Conservative-led Oxfordshire County Council is being forced to ask for handouts with a special Paypal website after £64.7m of cuts.
Charity is no way to run a council particularly as austerity has left people very short of money already, as seen in Windon and Maidenhead where similar appeals for charity were made and only 2 people responded!
In Wales deep cuts are forcing authorities to merge council meaning a estimated loss of 15,000 jobs.
There will be 8 elderly day centres closed by Powys Council, the closure of libraries, increased parking charges and an introduction of charges to post 16 students for public transport which was previously free.
In Welsh Denbighshire three leisure centres are being closed by the cash-strapped council meaning the loss of 125 jobs and in Wrexham, Brymbo and Gresford libraries are to close.Over at Lancashire County Council, 2,500 full time jobs will be axed due to £300m in spending cuts.
At the same time Council taxes are being put up everywhere with a proposed rise of 4.75% in Brighton and Hove.
And the worst is still to come when Chancellor Osbourne announced last week that an additional £5.2bn of cuts are planned by 2015-16!
One of the announcements was the scrapping of £32m of ‘emergency welfare’ money which, in the form of crisis loan, is there to help those in desperate situations like the loss of a job or the death or injury of a provider.
This has provoked huge anger as it will drive millions into the hands of loan sharks and payday lenders to survive.
This government wants to destroy all public services and allow private enterprise to run riot, making huge profits.
This will be the biggest knock back to living standards in Britain in modern times, destroying the Welfare State completely and throwing the working class and youth back to the dark days of Victorian times where there was no council housing, pensions, public services or NHS and people worked long hours as wage slaves just to stay alive before dying early at 35.
Already diseases like rickets in children are making a comeback as living standards are driven through the floor.
The naked truth is that the government has to make these cuts (and much more) so capitalism and the banks can survive.
The working class and youth have to get rid of this government so we can survive.
People cannot and will not live with this kind of depravation and will fight it everywhere but only a general strike, organised to kick out this government and replace it with socialism can stop this.
To do this we must build the Young Socialists as the fighting leadership for youth everywhere.

If you would like to get a copy – its only 50p then contact us.

Young Socialists Students Societies meet in most colleges. If you would like the latest Student leaflet please contact us.

YS organises social activities as well as political meetings which include sport, dances, music, etc. For further information contact us.

© Workers Revolutionary Party

Published:: 2005-04-29 (253879 reads)

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