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Election Manifesto

Our 2005 election manifesto is as follows:

End the war in Iraq withdraw all British troops now!
Defend basic rights - no imprisonment or detention without trial. No non-jury courts and no identity cards!
Defend all jobs Nationalise MG Rover and all firms threatened with closure
Renationalise the railways!
Defend the NHS. Stop all privatisation, including PFI and Foundation hospitals. Scrap all NHS charges.
Stop the privatisation of education! Restore students grants and abolish all tuition fees!
Defend Pensions. Restore the link between pensions and average wage rises. No increase of pension age.
Nationalise the banks to provide decent pensions for all!
Trade union rates of pay for youth - Down with New Deal slave labour No youth curfews or Asbos For a decent future for youth and not one of debt, hardship and war!
Repeal all racist immigration and asylum laws
No to contract slave labour trade union rates of pay for immigrant workers. End the rule of the gangmasters.
End Israeli occupation of Palestine and for one socialist secular state of Palestine
For a workers government to implement socialist policies!


© Workers Revolutionary Party

Published:: 2005-04-28 (2992 reads)

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