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Travel Safe staff on strike against harassment and bullying of union members
UP to a dozen travel safe officers yesterday lobbied a board meeting of Transport for London (TFL) at 197, Blackfriars Road, London.

They told News Line: ‘Since February 2012 we have been in dispute with STM, our employers, who are a contractor for the London Overground because we are being victimised and being deprived of basic needs such as, water, uniforms, mess rooms, toilets, a pay rise, sick pay and sometimes our holiday entitlements. Furthermore, for the last three and a half years we are in a role called Travel Safe Officers (RSAS) without having any contract and no guaranteed hours.

‘In July 2012, we won a vote held in Swiss Cottage at London Overground House, against our company and gave the right to the RMT union to negotiate with STM and London Overground (where required) for our welfare.

Adnan Hanif, a Rep for the RMT union told the News Line: ‘No one has approached us to negotiate. that’s why we are here again until they listen to our concerns. We are left with no option but to continue our protest. Our strike last Thursday was very successful.’

Steve Headley, RMT Assistant General Secretary, said: ‘These workers are suffering from a lack of facilities, bullying and harassment, and zero-hour contracts. Our demand is that they be brought back in house. It’s about 30 jobs. TFL employ so many people, they could just do it tomorrow.

‘The RMT will be looking to escalate this dispute, as contracting affects all our members, and we may ballot other members for action.’


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