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Carillion workers demonstrating through Swindon in March won big support for their struggle for respect at work and decent holidays
The second Carillion investigation into complaints by 150 GMB members has found evidence of bribery and shakedowns on the PFI contract operated by the company at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon, the GMB union said yesterday.

On April 27, in letters to individual members, Carillion communicated the interim conclusions of the second investigation into allegations of bullying, harassment and discrimination that have led to 18 days strike action so far at the hospital.

GMB members suspended the strike action to allow Carillion time to conduct this second investigation into these allegations.

Paul Maloney, GMB regional secretary, said: ‘Carillion has finally, after five months, uncovered evidence of bribery and shakedowns at the Swindon Hospital PFI contract.

‘However, Carillion have yet to make arrangements to communicate the results to GMB or the elected shop stewards or set up any meetings with GMB to deal with the findings of the investigations.

‘I am profoundly disappointed that this second investigation has completely failed to deal with what has been 18 months of covering up of evidence, of bribery and shakedowns by managers of these employees.

‘The investigation has failed to identify or deal with the managers who presided over this cover-up.

‘The second investigation also avoids dealing with why the first investigation totally ignored this central issue that staff were required to “give gifts” to managers in order to secure the holiday or working time rotas that they were legally entitled to.

‘In short, the investigation has failed to deal with a clear case of corruption, institutional bullying and discrimination.’

He continued: ‘It is going to require a public campaign to force Carillion to confront the institutional abuse of its own employees and come to terms with the culture existing within its organisation.

‘I will consult with members on site and with the governing councils in the union to take stock as to how to progress this dispute to the satisfactory conclusion that we are still, after 18 days of strike action, far away from.

‘Heads must roll. Carillion must agree to proper representation for GMB members to enable issues to be tackled at source to ensure this does not happen again.’


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